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  • The fastest way to reconcile
    Open Payments data

    Easily stay on top of the most relevant payments. Clearly presented data makes auditing fast, simple, and effective. Seamless integration with your enterprise COI system.

    The complete COI solution for Open Payments

    We've built the easiest and most powerful tools for integrating Open Payments into your workflow. Quickly access the information you need to reconcile your physicians' disclosures. We provide easy to use interactive tables, spreadsheet exports, and seamless integration with your institution's COI management applications.


    How is this different from the public data tool at OpenPaymentsData.CMS.gov?

    Feature CMS.gov Rabbit Open Payments
    Web-based table views
    Search for physicians by name and address
    Permanently link Open Payments profiles to your physicians
    View and explore payments data within your existing COI disclosure system
    Get email when your automatically-prepared data is available each year
    Quickly identify the most significant payments, payees, and payers institution-wide
    Download your data for any year as a spreadsheet
    Automatically match all your physicians with Open Payments profiles
    Link data from multiple Open Payments profiles to a single physician

    State of the art business software

    Integrate with your Enterprise COI

    Rabbit Open Payments integrates seamlessly into web-based COI administrative applications. View payments information directly in disclosure forms, workspaces, and administrative interfaces. No need to log in to a second web service. (For Integrated-level customers only. Contact us for more information.)

    Export as spreadsheet

    Export all the latest payments data for your physicians as a clean and simple Excel-compatible spreadsheet file. We preserve your physician profiles from year-to-year, so getting an up-to-date spreadsheet is as simple as logging in and clicking the “Download” button.

    Always Up-to-date

    The Rabbit Open Payments system is always up to date with releases from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Your linked physicians are preserved from year to year and we'll send you an email notification when updated data is available.

    Always improving

    Our full-service hosted solution means that all customers benefit from improvements to the service. No upgrades, no hassles, just continuous improvements to usability, performance, and function.

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